About Fiori

Fiori Coleccion manufactures leather goods of the highest quality since 1984. Based in the Dominican Republic,we create handcrafted products in the best Florentine tradition.
Leather cutting and assembling are made manually.
For this purpose, national artisans are strictly trained and supervision is a constant tool.We have a friendly labor environment where workers gather spontaneously looking for the best finish possible. Italian accessories and hardware are used in all our product ranges and our hides are procured abroad from selected suppliers.
For export purposes, we have an office and warehouse in Miami, Fla, USA
Fiori experience is a real pride for the Fiori Family.

tools used for manufacturing
Our range of products,designed in-house, manufactured and marketed under our brand name, include bags, belts, wallets and purses, accessories, travel goods as well as a good selection of business products. We invite you to browse our ample product range and familiarize yourself with our creative and original designs.

Assembly table

Cutting process